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Affordable Dental Implants?

A3 Dental @ Harley Street is leading the way in making dental implant and cosmetic dental treatments more affordable. Since 2007 we have treated successfully over 3000 patients trough over 10,000 appointments in our London practice. Patients are travelling to see our dentists from as far as Scotland and Ireland.

We are fully committed to provide the best available service on the best available price and make modern dental treatments affordable to anyone. Please check our London, Harley Street practice's
pricelist, our dentists' credentials and our patients testimonials.

Treatment Our Price Typical UK Price Savings
Not available without implant abutment
£ 555
Not available without implant abutment
£ 675
Porcelain fused to metal
£ 270
Inc dental implant + standard implant abutment + implant crown
£ 1125

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Autumn and Winter Special

Dental Implant - London - £995* (all inc)
Dental Implant - Budapest - £645* (all inc)
* One tooth - all inclusive with crown - Implant: Alpha Bio Tec - Isreal with 5 years Guarantee - No further discounts / finance available

By Top Professionals

Dr Attila Toth - Oral Surgeon, Implantologist
Dr Attila Toth - Dentist, Implantologist, Oral Surgeon - Budapest, Hungary

Dr Adam Lorincz - Oral Surgeon, Dental Implant Dentist
Dr Adam Lorincz - Oral Surgeon - London - Budapest

Dr Bela Honti - Dentist, Implantologist
Dr Bela Honti - Implantologist - Dentist - London
Over 10 years experience
Has placed over 2000 dental implants
Lecturer and developer of the Uniplant SP implantation system
Straumann (Swiss) implant course
Branemark (Swedish) implant course

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Excellent References

Charles Clapham

"Hi Timea,

I need to put in writing just how prefect my treatment was with Dentist Abroad.

Having decided that I was ready to investigate the possibility of dental implants and having searched the internet for some time I decided to contact Dentist Abroad.

My first contact was by email to the London office and confirmed I had made a good choice, Timea was informative and friendly. The following telephone conversations were excellent and we had soon arranged my first appointment in Harley Street, London. The ability to have the work done in London was also a bonus for me, although I do live in Yorkshire, train times and shopping for my wife also helped.

I was undecided on which implant to have (Zimmer or Straumann) but the advice given allowed me to make an informed decision. I went for the very latest Straumann SLActive implant, which have the quickest healing time. At this time a comprehensive treatment plan was compiled complete with all costings. (I paid as work was completed)

The first appointment/consultation included x-rays and confirmed I was suitable for implants and a second appointment was made for the surgery. The surgery was completely painless and was performed by Dr. Attila Toth, whose care thought-out was just wonderful, the dental nurse was very attentive, no gagging, drowning or choking!

The standard of hygiene was exceptional with the very latest equipment. So implants in and the gum stitched, Dr. Attila Toth said he was giving me a Christmas present, dissolvable stitches so I did not need to return to London to have them removed. I was also supplied with a course of antibiotics as a precaution and pain killers if required, but had no problems at all.

Third appointment opened the implants and the healing caps were fitted, again completely painless, done again by Dr. Attila Toth. Forth appointment, I was introduced to Dr Gabriella Sarok, the expert in forming the new implant crowns.

(Gabriella is an artist!) Healing caps removed and the abutments screwed in to allow the impressions to be formed. I also had a new front crown designed at this time. If you have had impressions done by your regular dentist you know how horrible it feels, well not the way Dentist Abroad does it.

Fifth and last appointment 2 weeks later new 2 crowns/teeth fitted with a bridge in the middle and my front crown, job done a total of 3 months.

If I had known of Dentist Abroad early I would have had all my dental work done by them, the care and the standard of work is second to none. Thank you to all the hard working team at Dentist Abroad, my wife and I look forward to seeing you in a year when I come for my check up and my wife goes shopping!

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0% and Low Cost Finance Available

What could be simpler? Spread the cost of your treatment over a months or years.

With DentistAbroad's dental care finance you only pay for the treatment you actually receive, this allows you to afford improved dental care for you or your family whenever it is needed.

Spread the cost of your dental care
Absolutely no interest to pay on 0% Finance
Instantly available credit
No deposit required
Simple to understand
Revolving credit limit available for repeat use
We will arrange your dental finance for you

More about payment plans and finances

How can we offer much lower prices?

The answer is simple. In dentistry the biggest cost is always the dentists' fees. We employ dentists and dental professionals from Hungary. They are travelling to the UK on weekly / bi-weekly or monthly bases. As they based abroad their living costs are much lower. For this reason we pay them a still very reasonable but much lower remuneration than we would to a UK based dentist. All of our dentist speak good English and fully registered and insured in the UK.

Are our dentists less experienced?

Not at all. We very carefully select our staff and employ only the best of best from abroad. We carefully plan and screen all procedures to ensure that we provide the best service for the best possible price by the best available professionals. Our head implantologist has placed over 10 000 dental implants in the last 14 years. That is a number you will hardly find elsewhere.

What materials do we use?

We use only top materials. Our most frequently used implants are Zimmer USA, Straumann and Nobel. They are all top of the range implants from manufacturing companies with decades of history and hundreds of thousands implants successfully placed.

What is the catch?

There isnít any. By employing Dentists from Abroad we manage to keep our prices low but still offer top quality service and use top range materials.

What is next?

Itís simple. You call our UK based office. You talked to our UK based Hungarian staff and if you are happy you visit us for a no obligation consultation at Harley Street and we will take it from there.

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